Could a Toothbrush Save Our Oceans?

Toothbrush Save The Ocean


Say what??!  Could a TOOTHBRUSH save our oceans?!?  Wait… here is a better question: could a toothbrush DESTROY our oceans?  Well the answer is both yes and no to both questions!  I am going to explain the second question first.  Let’s take a look at the toothbrush you have in your bathroom right now.


If you are like 99% of the worlds population, you have a conventional plastic toothbrush in your bathroom.  If you listen to what your dentist recommends, then that toothbrush gets switched out for a new plastic toothbrush every 3 months or 4 times per year.  That means that in your lifetime you will use and discard approximately 300 plastic toothbrushes!  Here is the most important question we will ask today: What happens to your 300 plastic toothbrushes when you are done with them?



My guess is, if you are like me, you have never questioned what happens to your plastic toothbrush after you throw it away before.  Unfortunately, plastic toothbrushes are not able to be recycled because they are made of a variety of different types of plastics.  That means that when your toothbrush enters our environment as waste, that is where it stays… FOREVER!  Plastic is not biodegradable, unless it is able to be re-purposed through recycling, it will stay in our landfills and oceans forever.


It has been proven that up to 12 million tons of plastic enters our oceans ever year!  That’s a garbage truck full every minute!


So how much of that waste can be associated with plastic toothbrushes?  Check out these disturbing facts:


There are 7.6 billion people on the planet.

Each of us will use 300 toothbrushes during our lifetime (4 toothbrushes per year).

A conventional toothbrush weighs approximately 18 grams.

Each of us will throw away about 12 pounds of plastic toothbrushes in our lifetime.

Plastic toothbrush waste generated during our lifetime = 80 BILLION POUNDS!!!


So to answer my initial question: could a toothbrush destroy our oceans?  No, one plastic toothbrush cannot destroy our oceans, but, as you can see, we aren’t talking about ONE toothbrush.  So YES, 80 billion pounds worth of plastic toothbrushes can absolutely destroy our oceans!


Alright so what can we do about it?  We have to brush our teeth and last time I checked my local drug store, every toothbrush on the shelves was made out of plastic!


That is exactly the problem the amazing people at The Giving Brush decided to tackle!  The Giving Brush is a company co-founded by a surfer who was tired of seeing so much trash floating in the ocean and was SHOCKED to see how many plastic toothbrushes were floating amongst the other garbage.  The Giving Brush has a mission to create sustainable, biodegradable toothbrushes to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce every year.  Their solution: COMPOSTABLE BAMBOO HANDLES and RECYCLABLE BRISTLES!  Here are the amazing facts about The Giving Brush:


The Giving Brush is made from organically grown, wild bamboo.

Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet in a single day making it fully sustainable!

Bamboo contains naturally occurring antimicrobial agents, so their are no pesticides needed during cultivation.

Plus, the natural antimicrobial properties mean your toothbrush handle won’t have a bunch of bacteria growing on it!

The Giving Brush has a totally biodegradable, compostable handle!

The Giving Brush isn’t stealing any food from the Pandas- Pandas neither inhabit or eat the Moso bamboo which is what is used to make the toothbrush handles.

The Giving Brush is made with plant-based bristles: they are medium bristles made from bpa-free nylon 6.

The bristles can be recycled.

The Giving Brush is Vegan.

The Giving Brush is non-toxic.


And if those weren’t enough reasons as to why this toothbrush is AMAZING, this incredible company is going to give you your first toothbrush for FREE!  That’s right, they are so focused on the bigger picture and their mission that they are giving away thousands of FREE Rainbow Themed Eco-Friendly Giving Brushes!  There is a limited supply so hurry up and get yours by clicking here!


At the end of the day this is a no-brainer to me.  You still get to get the same job done (brushing your teeth) and you will no longer contribute to our world’s serious waste issue.  For you skeptics out there, I tested The Giving Brush out and created this video for your viewing pleasure.  Plus, The Giving Brush has a 100% money back guarantee, but with 99.3% of reviewers recommending this product, I feel fully confident that you will LOVE THIS TOOTHBRUSH!


So to answer my first question: could a toothbrush save our oceans?  No, ONE sustainable, eco-friendly toothbrush cannot save our oceans.  But if LOTS of people switch over to the better brush then, YES, this toothbrush can absolutely help to save our oceans!


Share this blog and this video with all of your friends and family members and let’s make a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT on our planet by simply changing our toothbrush!


Much Love from Health, Puppies, & World Peace!


Toothbrush Save The Oceans



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